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Becoming a Partner is FREE and you earn on your 1st level of Personally Sponsored Partners and Preferred Customers without any product purchase ever being required.

Every Partner gets a FREE self-replicated copy of this website to share with friends, family, and your social network. When anyone of your referrals buys, you earn cash every time they purchase...month, after month, after month...even if you never make a purchase yourself.

This is also a great opportunity for Affiliate Marketers, who are looking for outstanding products to share with their lists. You Earn By Sharing, Not Selling.

Ready to Share the Opportunity With Others?

Whether you just want to get your products for free or you're looking to build real residual income, as a Greenwood Partner you are all set up to share your very own replicated website just like this, refer customers and enroll other Partners and help them to do the same and so on as you build a team!

Duplication, duplication, duplication are the keys to generating true residual income.

Six Ways to Get Paid

Retail - Instant Income

As a Partner you can purchase products at a substantial discount and resell them at Retail for immediate income.

You may also promote products via the website and as your contacts purchase as Preferred Customers, you will earn as per the chart below.

Important Note: If you have upgraded to Gold Partner, you are automatically paid both Level One and Level Two of these bonuses. This means you receive a full 60% of the total BV. (Note: The term BV refers to the Bonus Volume of the product).

Retail Bonus - Paid Monthly

Gold Pack Fast Start Bonus - Paid Weekly

Our Gold Rank Product Packs are the most popular product purchase option by new partners for two reasons.

  • 1) Purchasing any one of the Gold Packs PERMANENTLY advances a partner to the Gold Rank.
  • 2) All Gold Packs offer substantial savings off the regular partner product pricing.

Anytime you personally sponsor a Partner with a Gold Pack you earn 20% of the BV from their purchase, no matter your rank.

Important Note: If you are a Gold Partner and you personally sponsor a Gold Partner, you receive both Levels 1 and 2 of this bonus. This means you receive a full 60% of the total BV.

Unilevel Team Pay - Paid Monthly

As a Partner you can earn on up to 7 levels/generations of Partners that you and your team refer to Greenwood Health.

As you can see on the chart below starting as Partner you earn on one level of Personally Sponsored Partners.

At the Gold Rank as you help your team to grow you can earn on three levels of referrals. All the way up to Diamond where you can earn on up to seven levels of referrals from you and your team.

Just know at Greenwood Health we do not believe in garage loading you with products to earn your commissions.

While many Partners routinely order extra products for family members and friends, you will never be required​ to order more than 2 products to be fully qualified, even at the top Ultimate Diamond position.

Diamond Infinity Bonus - Paid Monthly

Once you have achieved the Diamond Rank you earn an additional 5% Infinity Bonus on all members of your team from the 8th level down through infinite depth in your group. You are only blocked by another Diamond.

Elite Diamond Bonus Pools - Paid Monthly

Once you have developed your team and achieved the rank of Diamond, you are well on your way to advancing to the Three Elite Diamond Ranks.

While our Elite Diamonds enjoy the same bonuses they earned as a Diamond Partner, they also additionally earn a share of the overall company sales volume each month.

The Blue Diamond, Black Diamond and Ultimate Diamond Bonus Pools are funded by a full 1, 2, or 3% of sales of the entire companies Unilevel Team BV.

How much of a difference would having just an extra $1,000.00 a month make to your lifestyle?...............How about an extra $10,000.00 or more?

The formula for success with our plan is simple. Do the WORK necessary to sponsor other partners. Help those you SPONSOR to build their TEAMS. Then Enjoy the REWARDS you have EARNED.

Become a Partner for FREE and Start Earning Now!

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