A one-time registration fee of $29.95. We have no website fees, back office fees or ANY other fees whatsoever. Your ONLY other cost is for the products you choose to purchase.
No, purchasing products when joining is optional.
A monthly product purchase of 30CV is required to take full advantage of our compensation plan.
NOTE: This product purchase can either be a personal purchase, or one made by a Preferred Customer you have introduced.

NO, autoship is an option, not a requirement.

NOTE: We do, however, offer our Partners who are on autoship extra discounts on products that are not available otherwise.

Yes, but not to all countries.  We ship to, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Malaysia and Singapore at this time.

Sorry, we are not licensed medical practitioners and as such we are unable to offer any treatment advice.

For answers of this nature, please consult with a licensed holistic medical practitioner.

No, sorry, but if you contact our office we will put you in contact with your next upline sponsor.

NO, we love writing really big bonus checks.

We started in 2000, so we are in our 19th year.

We certainly do. We have hundreds of practitioners and retail establishments who are already enjoying retail margins of 50% – over 100% on the sale of our products.

ONLY if they are sold at the MSRP (and we rigorously enforce this to protect our brand).

Yes you can as long as you let us view the site to approve it, before it goes live.

Yes, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

A: Please start with your sponsor. If they are unable to help email and our friendly support staff will be happy to assist you.

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